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FoodDays was created from the ideas and to meet the needs of the PTOs and Schools that it serves - constantly evolving, never standing still.

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FoodDays Evolution

Since its inception in 2003, FoodDays has encountered more than a hundred Schools, PTOs and Vendors that have shaped the solution.



  • Warren Middle School2003
    The first version of FoodDays goes live!
  • Woodland Elementary School2004
    Woodland Elementary School became our second school
  • Credit Cards go online2006
    Adding Credit Card Processing made life easier for parents and PTOs alike
  • Reports Automation2008
    Automatically sending out reports began
  • Surveys2009
    Surveys, our first none-lunch program feature goes live
  • Volunteers2010
    Volunteers goes online - coordination of the volunteers as now automated.
  • Committees, Events and Directory2012
    Committees, Events & School Directory become new, free features in FoodDays
  • ptoBay2012
    ptoBay goes live as a sister site to showcase alternate faces of FoodDays.
  • Fluid accounting2015
    FoodDays adopts a new fluid accounting model that does away with deadlines opening up unlimited ordering
  • FoodDays 72020
    FoodDays 7 App goes live offering a new, streamlined ordering process for the parent on the go

And did we mention, FoodDays is free?

All of the tools and features come with all of our programs, we only change a small percentage of the sales – about the same as high street credit card processing fees alone – to provide everything!

With no credit card fees, no contracts, no minimums, no hosting or support fees, no monthly charges, no setup or exit fees and unlimited administrators, parents and schools, you can sell one slice of pizza or serve lunch everyday.

What have you got to lose? Give us a try.

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