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FoodDays is an easy to use program but everyone needs help from time-to-time. Take a look at our Partners to get help with everything from negotiating deals with vendors through set up, to even running the entire program!

If you're a vendor or if you're interested in becoming a Partner yourself, check out the application form below.

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A&Fay Consultants

At A&Fay Consultants we’ve got your lunches covered! Whatever your school needs from simple consulting to a full blown management solution – A&Fay can help!

Team up with A&Fay Consultants and take advantage of our years of expertise in managing, creating, distributing, evaluating, soliciting, training and developing your school lunch program. We understand that not all school food program facilities, staff, or budgets are the same, we help establish contracts that work for each individual enterprise.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can streamline the FoodDays service for you.

Services offered:

Day-to-Day Operations   |   Gold Partner   |   How to Run A Successful Program   |   Initial Setup   |   Service Area: National   |   Support   |   Vendor Price Negotiation

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