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Trouble Ordering – The order page doesn’t come up

Ordering at schools happens in many different ways and on many different schedules. Some schools allow daily orders, others order weekly and most monthly. When you arrive at the account home page, you’ll see the options to order – think of them as paper slips that you fill out. Some are new, others are already marked up. You’ll see your Childs name next to each one that can be edited.

When you open the order page, you’ll see the days or items that you can order or adjust. Depending upon the school, you may see some dates or items blocked from ordering – maybe it’s too late or the items are sold out. Many schools ‘black out’ days that aren’t available if there’s a school trip for your homeroom.

Technical issues

Sometimes there may be technical issues affection the display of the site. Whilst I never say never, we’ve not had FoodDays be unavailable for quite a few years and have parents ordering any day – we have alarms set to alert us if our servers are down.

At FoodDays, we provide a service for Schools and PTO’s that must be secure and safe from access by bad actors. To that end we do set the bar high in terms of what devices can access our system and that, unfortunately, can make it a little stricter on Parents that may have computers that are set up incorrectly.

Most problems can often be tracked to the local computer or network. We recommend the quickest way to identify if the issue is local is to try another computer, maybe one at work or home or, better still try from a secure environment such as the built in web browser on an iPad or iPhone. Unfortunately, Android phones and tablets are a little less reliable in this case as there are still a lot of older devices with flaws in the software however, it’s still worth trying them to see if there’s a change. Lastly, check that your computer is up-to-date in terms of patches and fixes — there is, for example, an older version of Microsoft’s web browser that doesn’t recognize our strict demands to encrypt and secure the data — and, double check that you don’t have any ‘Internet security software’ that is blocking open access to FoodDays or

If you still find that you can’t get in to the service, please reach out to us and, if you can send us a screen-shot of where you’re getting stuck – a picture paints a thousand words!

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