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My school credited my account, why can’t I use the credits at another school?

FoodDays acts as the assistant to allow schools to manage their lunch ordering. Each school is a separate entity and we collect funds and send them over to the school, typically monthly.

When you received a ‘credit’ it can come in one of two ways:


A traditional or school credit takes the form of monies that the school has given to you to use at that school. It’s like a voucher for something else at the school. It can only be used at that school and is non-transferable.

Order Cancelation

When orders get cancelled, the value of those orders is added back to your account. Where you can use them depends upon one thing: Has FoodDays already sent the money to the school? If we’ve already sent the money to the school, we’ll have to wait for the next payment to be able to get that back for you. In the meantime, you can always use it towards further purchases at the same school. Once the money is back or, if we’ve not sent the money to the school yet, you can use the money anywhere at any school.

How do I get the money back to my credit card?

At the end of each school year, we open up the refund button to allow you to return any unused funds back to your credit card. If you don’t we’ll carry it over to the next school year where you can use it at any school that uses FoodDays.


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