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How do I request a refund of my balance?

If you have had items cancelled or if you have pre-loaded your account and wish to have the funds transferred back to your credit card or PayPal account, we offer the ability to request that at the end of the school year. The Refund feature will become available in July of each year.

To request a refund of any remaining balance, login in navigate to the ‘settings’ menu. In there you will find the ‘Refund’ button if there is an available balance. Refunds typically take a few days to complete.

What if the amount doesn’t match the full amount of my balance?
We are able to return funds from any remaining balance held by us. That’s to say, money that was paid in on credit/debit/PayPal/Venmo/eCheck. We are not able to refund any credits issued by the school/pto/vendor directly to you – these can only be used against future orders at that school. Check the Payments page to see how your balance is composed to see if some of that balance is made up of credits.

To request a refund for items that you no longer want, you’ll need to contact your School, PTO or Vendor and request that the item be cancelled.

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