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FoodDays & ptoBay

Website Customisation, Personal Domain and Blogs

FoodDays Website DesignWebsite Design can be found from Admin – Website Design.

ptoBay & myFoodDays supports full personalisation of the site to allow myFoodDays to host your PTO website including:

  • Customised home page
  • Custom imagery
  • Custom Menu layout including to your pages and postsFoodDays Media Manager
  • Home page widgets and custom footer content
  • Host your PTO information and Diary
  • Download forms
  • Integrate lunch and spirit wear sales into your site
  • Co-ordinate events; volunteers and payments on your site

FoodDays Page EditorWebsite integration is available to all myFoodDays users and to PTOs and a fully managed service.

Getting started

How long should the whole process take? Between 1 and 2 hours depending upon your familiarity with web sites and on how fast you can read.


These terms are the most important, we’re going to use these the most often


A page is, what it sounds like, a web page that you can place on your site to show information that might never, or at least only change occasionally.

Examples of pages might be a page about the PTO or a page about the school and how it came into being – some history maybe.

  • Use pages to share static information with visitors.
  • Don’t use pages for frequently changing information where you need to keep the history, e.g. Meeting Minutes.

All users have unlimited Pages at their disposal.

Portal Page

A Portal Page is a secure page that contains content delivered from /

It differs from a regular page in that its content is already pre-programmed. Portal pages include:

  • Account Home
  • Payments
  • Parent Directory
  • Volunteer
  • Survey
  • Settings
  • Sign Up

These pages allow you to show / features right inside your PTO website.

The content on these pages is always secure and access is granted to parents only so, for example, the Parent Directory is only accessible by Parents that have been pre-approved by you.

Parent accounts in myFoodDays are one and the same in your PTO website so, if you already use, your parents are already signed up.

All users have unlimited Parent accounts, Surveys, Volunteers and Directory entries at their disposal regardless of whether of not you’re using myFoodDays.


A post is very much like a Diary entry. It contains information that’s categorized and is constantly being updated.

Posts should always have a Category assigned – that way you can display them all on the posts page in categories like, Meeting Minutes

Examples of posts might be PTO Meetings. Each month you might have a meeting where you record the minutes. Instead of updating a Page you might add a fresh Post dated today, categorized as a PTO Meeting. Over time, you’ll have a long history of PTO Meeting Minutes that members can search, order and retrieve quickly and easily.

  • Use Posts for diary like information such as Meeting Minutes or Photos and feedback from the book fair – grant access to students to post up reports.
  • Don’t use posts for the About Us information – it’ll get lost as new posts push it down

All users have unlimited Posts at their disposal.


An event is a document that captures everything around an organised event:

  • Title
  • Time & Date
  • Venue
  • Attendees

Use Events to tell everyone about your upcoming events. Parents can see what’s going on and where it’s happening. You can sell tickets to the event through the Parent Portal.

All users have unlimited Events at their disposal.


If a page is the information on a whole page, a widget is a little snippet of information to be placed within the framework of your pages.

Widgets can be placed in the footer of every page and on the front page.


Media represents any picture, video or file that you upload directly to the website. 


A menu is the list of of pages, categories or myFoodDays functions that Parents can select, for example:

  • A page such as the home page or an About Us Page
  • A Category such as Meeting Minutes to show all Posts categorized as Meeting Minutes.
  • A myFoodDays function such as ordering for PTO Membership


A category is a tool to classify content. For example, posts can be categorized as PTO Meetings so that parents can find all PTO Meeting notes from a menu or with search.

You can add your own categories and manage how they relate to one another. By default we’ve started you off with:

  • Committees
  • Diary
  • Forms
  • Meeting Minutes

There are more terms and they’re listed here, more esoteric and less common but here for your enjoyment!

Responsive design

This website is built with responsive design in mind. Responsive design is sensitive to the size of the web browser looking at the site – it’s especially tuned to help mobile devices.

When a mobile device like a smartphone, with its small narrow screen, views the site, the page will adjust itself to stack elements in order top to bottom rather than spread out left to right. This helps mobile devices use the site easily.

The same is true of the navigation menus – they will collapse into a small mobile menu in the top right on smart-phones.

This is taken care of automatically and without intervention however, when laying out content, you’ll need to remember that things change on a smartphone so always check if you can.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are little code snippets that are used to stylize individual elements of a website. CSS is used to change the size, colour or layout of elements on the screen.

CSS is ideal for changing the background colour of the site or adjusting the font used or the font size. It can also be used for hiding elements too.

To make changes on the site, Unlimited PRO users can add custom CSS to fine-tune the site to their needs.


A theme is a group of settings and layout that determines how an entire site looks. We start you off with our ptoBay theme – Unlimited Custom subscribers have access to additional themes.


A component added to the website that extends the features available, for example, providing local weather at your location.

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