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Volunteers commitments for food days can be managed on

Volunteers can be found from Admin – PTO Tools – Volunteers.

FoodDays PTO Tools


In Themes you can enter Theme Administrators by clicking Manage…, a pop up box will show asking who you want to choose. Theme administrators are chosen from parents in the school. Select a parent from the drop down and add them to the list. Then click on ‘[add parent to list of administrators]’ close the box to Save the choices.

FoodDays Theme Admins


When you go back into the Theme, you will see the name and then you can choose how many staff are needed for that Theme and also assign time-slots.

Parents can volunteer from their Account settings page under ‘Volunteer’. Here they will see the days that require volunteers and if you have enough, some or no volunteers for each day. They are able to add themselves to the list. Parents are not confirmed until you confirm them.

FoodDays Parent Volunteer page

From the Admin side you are able to manage the volunteers and add and remove them. You are able to choose the Ordering Run to see volunteer commitments for each day that you have set up the need for volunteers. You can see the list of volunteers for as many Ordering Runs as you have open. You can print the list from here as a calendar that you can send out to volunteers. You can add your own message to be included in the Volunteer email that goes out to remind them when they are volunteering.

FoodDays Volunteer Management

To assign volunteers to the time-slots, first, draw parents into the volunteer pool to join any parents that have already volunteered, then, select the parents in the volunteer pool and the time-slots available to assign them.

The time-slots and assignments will be viewable below: Green = full staff.

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