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Themes are found from Admin – Set up – Themes.

FoodDays Setup

The model that works in this system is the idea that individual Days at your school are part of a ‘Theme’, for example; Salads, Subs, Chinese, Dinner Dance, PTO Membership or Joe’s Deli, Sam’s Sub, Fred’s Fish-n-Chip Emporium, etc and that you can serve multiple Themes each day, there’s no reason why a Theme couldn’t be Monday’s or Tuesday’s too. Each Theme contains Foods or Items and conversely, each Food or Item is assigned to a Theme.

Food/Item Themes are the root of Food Days, create Themes around Items like ‘Pizza Day’ or ‘PTO Membership’ or create groups like ‘Week 1’ then, add Items to these Themes or groups. Later you’ll assign Themes to Food or Items ‘Days’ to manage what Items are available on a particular day.FoodDays Theme startTo Add a new theme, type in the Theme name and click [insert new theme]. Once you have added the Theme click on ‘edit’ next to the Theme name to enter the vendor name that is providing the Food/Items for the Theme, you can add an email address for the vendor and phone number too. You can add a message that the vendor will see when the reports are printed.

FoodDays Themes edit


If you enter an email address, the Vendor report can be emailed. Multiple email addresses can be added separated by a comma.

You can add a description to show on the Ordering page.

Display Order – You can choose the order in which Themes are displayed. Go to Themes, click on ‘edit’ next to the Theme and then from the Display order drop down choose the number you would like that particular Theme displayed.

Choose the grades that will have access to the Theme.

If you already have a run open, run the ‘Update existing Ordering Runs’.


Themes is where you set up your Volunteers. Here you will assign your Theme Administrators, by clicking on Manage… and choose who the Admins are from the list of parents. Once you have added the Theme Admins you can then call for volunteers by creating time slots or tasks by increasing the number of volunteers from zero and entering a name for the time slot or task. Set the times so the volunteers know when they are needed. You can then manage volunteer assignments from the Volunteers menu.

You can also edit and delete Themes by clicking on the ‘edit’ to edit or ‘del’ to delete.

Update existing Ordering Runs

To preserve the integrity of existing orders in the system, existing Ordering Runs contain the Theme information assigned when you first set them up. If you make a change to a Theme or Themes you will need to run the ‘Update existing Ordering Runs’ to apply those changes to an existing ordering run. Choose the Ordering Run to be updated and click ‘Update current run with new Theme settings’.

Note: You can’t always delete Themes. If a Theme has Foods/Items assigned to it or orders using this Theme, you can’t delete it. You don’t have to use it again though.

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