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Surveys can be found from Admin – Set up – Surveys.

To begin, log in as an administrator, we will give you a username and password for this.

Choose Surveys from the Setup tab and this will bring you to the page where you can create your survey.

FoodDays Setup

Type the name of your Survey, e.g. PTO SOS Online sign up, and click insert new, then click edit next to the survey that you have just created. This will open up the page for you to add all the information to create your Survey.

FoodDays Survey start

First choose an end date, this is when you want the Survey to close; you can change this date at a later time if you need to and also extend the deadline.

FoodDays Surveys to create

Type in a URL  – the name of the survey. Checkitouthigh14, for example.

In the box type in a description of what your survey is about and give your parents any information here that they need to fill out the survey.

In the next section is where you will type in your questions or descriptions of committees depending on your survey.

Note that HTML psuso-codes can be used for formatting:

  • Bold: {b} – [/b}
  • Italic: {i} – {/i}
  • List: – {ul} – {/ul}
  • List Item: {li} – {/li}Answer shortcuts and macro functions:
    • Simple single choice – ,AnswerOne,AnswerTwo,AnswerThree
    • Multiple Choice – start with tilda ~AnswerOne,AnswerTwo,AnswerThree
    • {children}, – List out all children as possible answers
    • ~{children}, – List out all children as multiple choice answers

    Once you have done that you can then give the choices available in the Answer box to the right, this will show as radio buttons when the parents are looking at it. In the answer box separate each choice with a comma. If you begin with a comma then this will show the first choice as blank.

    The next box along is a check box if you would like to add a note section for the parents to add any comments for a particular question.

    Once you have finished adding all your questions you then click Save. The Survey can be viewed by you as an Admin by going to the Parent tab and logging on as a parent.

    When you are ready for the parents to start filling in the Survey click ‘Activate’. It is now live and you can let parents know that it is time to fill in the Survey. An email is not automatically generated when a Survey is activated. You can email parents using the emailer on the Admin homepage.

    Once a parent fills out the survey and clicks ‘Save and email my survey to me…’ they will receive an email letting them know the questions they responded to and what their answer was. Or they can click ‘Save and close…’ no email will be sent with this choice.

    You can see the results by going to Admin – Reports – Survey results. The results can be exported to a spreadsheet.

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