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Sending Email

Email can be found from Admin – PTO Tools – Email.

FoodDays PTO Tools

Messages can be sent out to all Parents on a daily basis; we ask that you do not send too many as parents often do not read emails if too many are sent. Emails are sent within 1 to 30 minutes of clicking [Send] depending upon system load.


There are many options to choose from as to who you would like to send an email too, these are found under the drop down list of choose recipients:

FoodDays Email Choices

Note that Parents that opt out of messages will not receive the email.

Choose the Ordering Run that your email is in relation to, who you want to send it to, then type your message into the box and once you are happy with it, then click [Send] and the email will be sent out within 5 minutes. Sent emails will appear under Previous messages with the date and time that they were sent.

FoodDays Emailer

Automated Email

The system sends out emails to parents automatically in response to certain events:

  • A new ordering run is made active
  • Three days before the ordering run reaches the Close Date:
    • Those that haven’t ordered receive a reminder
    • Those that have ordered but haven’t paid receive a reminder to pay
  • Day of – Last chance to order
  • The day the first item is due, the system sends a reminder of all that’s been ordered
  • When payments are received either online (Credit/Debit/PayPal) or when entered by the Administrator as a check
  • When Credits are issued
  • The day before they’re due, Volunteers receive a reminder
  • The day that Volunteers are due they receive a reminder

Administrators also receive emails when:

  • Volunteers offer or decline to volunteer
  • Daily reports are received when included in the list at Admin/Home
  • When draw-downs are processed by the system and payments scheduled

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