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School Settings

The Admin Options allows you to choose what features you would like for your school.  Once you have selected the options you would like, click ‘update’ to save the options.

FoodDays Homepage Settings

Settings, password reset tab:

Support person name – the person who will be included on emails for support

Support person email

Organisation Admin

Organisation Admin Email

Organization Finance – The person who will receive the Drawdown Payment emails

Organization Finance Email

Service Wide Admin Options:

Check the boxes to enable the features at your school

  • Enables the Address Book feature for parents to share contact information
  • Makes Address Sharing parent settings simply ON or OFF with no grade or homeroom filters.
  • Makes Address Share parent information only 
  • Set the School into Navigate-By-Day mode
  • Set the School into Navigate-By-Theme mode
  • Disables the get Involved Requests – Check here if you do not want parents to see the click here to volunteer on emails.
  • Prohibits parents from adjusting the amount due at payment
  • PTO covers a reduced Processing Fee for orders below the small transaction threshold
  • Automatically remove any orders that have not been paid when ordering closes
  • Disabled the automated payment reminders sent out by the system
  • Disabled the automated order reminder statement sent out by the system
  • Send out a system reminder on the last day of ordering
  • Disable low balance warning emails
  • Receive notification when a new parent signs up / changes homeroom
  • Display Committee members during sign-up period
  • Disable display of balance on top of page
  • Order Placement cutoff – For those allowing real time ordering, this defines the lead time allowed.
  • Order Cadence – for choosing when orders have to be placed by
  • Automatic Draw Down Day – Choose the date you would like the drawdown to process each month. If left disabled then drawdowns need to be asked for manually on the Payment page in Admin.
  • Extra Info Collection – Optional data items separated by ; to collect from parents such as emergency contact info or allergy info.
  • Extra Info Description – To be shown on parent page, e,g: Please provide emergency contact information.
  • Here you can change your password for use on the system as an Admin.

‘Update’ Button – click here once you have made your choices to save them.

Automatic Order Management

Here is where you can set automatic order cancellation options. You can cancel daily, orders placed in the last 24hrs or, weekly on one or more days. By design, the system will not remove orders placed on the immediate next day, to ensure that lunch is served over tight order management.

Volunteer System

Here is where you can set the Volunteer options.


  • Daily Report Recipients – Enter here the email addresses (separated by a comma) of those that would like to receive a report of the day’s orders. The report is emailed out at 4am each day that there are orders placed on.

School Photo

You can upload or change your school photo here

Manage Administrators

Here is where you Manage Administrator’s. You can add new Administrators, update their access to the system, choosing the things they can and cannot have access to and delete Admins that are no longer involved in using the system.

    • Note that if you’re school is part of a larger multi-school organisation, creating a new Admin will create them on all of the schools. You can limit access to the other schools by switching to the other school and editing the permissions assigned to that admin. If you delete the admin, it will be removed completely from that school only.

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