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PTO Events

Events can be found from Admin – PTO Tools – Events.

FoodDays PTO Tools

Events are where you can manage your event calendar and the venues for those events. Use our plugin to embed event listings on your school website.

To create an Event

FoodDays Event set Up

  • First you will add an event by putting in the name of the event and clicking Insert.
  • Click edit next to the event name and this will be where you enter the information about the event.
  • Select the start date and time and the end date and time.
  • The location of the event and who it is organised by. Locations can be added to the Venues at the bottom of the page.
  • Photos can be uploaded.
  • Description of the event can be added with all formatting options available.
  • You can ask for Volunteers by increasing the number of volunteers from zero and entering a name for the timeslot. Set times so the volunteers know when they are needed and then the volunteers can be managed from the Volunteers menu.
  • Click Save when you have finished.

Venues for the Events can be added here by adding the name and clicking Insert. Once added you can click edit next to the venue name and add an address, phone number, website of the venue, and add any description, click Save when you have finished adding all the information.

Embedding the upcoming events on your website

You can embed a widget (a small piece of code) on your website, blog or on your site on with the following code snippet:

<iframe src=”” width=”250px” height=”200px”></iframe>

Customising to your school:

Replace the word YOURPREFSCHOOL with the preferred school ID from your installation of myFoodDays. You can find it under the Admin/Home menu in the details about your school. A typical preferred school ID might look like 4feee7f86c84c00674e29478

Note: users will find the widget located under the WordPress admin menu /Appearance/Widgets – simple drag that to the sidebar of your choice and enter the Title and Prefschool values in the settings.

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