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Managing Parents

Parents can be found from Admin – Manage – Parents.

FoodDays Manage Menu

Here you will find a list of all the Parents that are signed up on myFoodDays of this school and you can view the Parents information at a high level.

To see a parent’s details click ‘detail…’ and this will open up a box allowing you to see their information….Name, email address (if not withheld), phone number, Children, what school each child is at, payment details, Last Log on and there is a notes section for you to add any notes about the parent that only you as an Admin can see.

FoodDays Parent view from Admin

You can Log on as a Parent by clicking [Log on as], this will take you to the parent’s Account homepage. Here you can see their children and their orders and payment information. The homepage is where the parent manages their account; here is where they order food, make payments, check their orders. From the Settings page they can change their email address, password, phone number, change their child’s homeroom and delete a child. They can also manage their Volunteer commitments and if you have the Directory enabled they can manage their information. You as an Administrator have a high level of access, you can change a parent’s order and also change their child’s homeroom and delete a child. Before you delete a child a pop up will appear asking you if you are sure as once deleted this cannot be undone.

Here you can send the parent an email and also place a hold on a parent’s account which will stop them from being able to order, you might do this if they have not paid for a previous order.

Parent Finder:

To locate a parents information quickly, enter the parent’s last name or email address (all lower case) and press Enter.

FoodDays Parent Finder


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