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Ordering Runs

Ordering Runs can be found from Admin – Set up – Ordering Runs.

FoodDays Setup

myFoodDays revolves around ‘Ordering Runs’, the framework that marks the opening and the close of ordering.

The run begins on the first day that Items will be served and ends on the last day that Items are served. The ‘Ordering Cuts Off at’ date is the date that marks the end of ordering at the start of the date that is checked, that being 12:00am.

To add an Ordering Run, create a new run, entering the Name and then click [insert new run]. You can choose to copy a previous run, so you do not have to add in all the dates and then all you have to do is choose what date the new run should start. You may need to check and edit the run, in case there are days off in the new run.

FoodDays Ordering Run Add New

Then click on edit next to the run, here you can choose whether you are selling Food or Non Food Items, the Close on date, add any message that you would like the parents to read before they order. This message also gets included in the email that gets sent once the run is activated to alert parents that it is time to order.

FoodDays Ordering Run Set Up

You can choose whether it is a Family Order – this would be for things like Membership, Tickets to an event, etc, where it would be better for the parents to order under a Family order rather than each child to avoid over ordering.

You can allow Volunteer SignUp on the run for this particular run.

Click Save once you have added these.

To add days to the run, click on edit next to the run and then click ‘Themes and Dates: add/edit…’ This will bring up a calendar where you can add themes to the days by selecting the theme and date, and clicking [Add Theme to this day]. Once you have added all the days close the box and this will save the dates to the run.

FoodDays Ordering Runs add/edit dates

To add a Blackout day/days to an Ordering Run, for a Field Trip for example, that you do not want a certain homeroom or grade to order on click edit next to the Ordering Run then click ‘Blackout days add/edit…’ To add a day, select the date and the homeroom that will not be available on the date then click [Add Blackout Day]. Once you have added the blackout days close the box and this will save the dates to the run.

FoodDays Ordering Run add Blackout Dates

Email management – You can choose which emails you would like the system to send out once the run is activated. The default is for the system to send the Opening email that says Ordering is now open, the Reminder email to say if you haven’t ordered do so now, and the List of Orders email, which is the email that gets sent to parents with their orders the day before the 

Ordering Run begins. If you wish that the system not send out one or more of these emails then you will need to un-check the boxes and click Save.

The Ordering Run can be viewed before activating so you can check it all looks correct before the parents start to order. Log into the Admin site and go to the Parent tab, click detail… next to a parent name (maybe your own) then click ‘Log on as’. You will see the run as ‘‘Ordering Run Name’ but it will be greyed out. You can click here to check that the run looks correct. Only you as an Admin can see this.

Once you’re happy that everything is correct you can ‘Activate’ the Ordering Run, once you do that the Parents will receive an email and ordering can begin.

In Ordering Runs you can see which parents have ordered and which parents haven’t ordered by clicking on the ‘View who’s ordered’ button. This will give you a pop up letting you know first who has ordered and then further down parents that have not ordered for that particular Ordering Run.

Override Theme/day mode

The default mode for your school will usually fit your needs however, you can change or override that to suit your needs. Use the ‘Food Items by Theme or Day – Override my default’ to force this ordering run to appear differently.

Direct Pay and Passcode

myFoodDays allows you to offer ordering to parents and people outside of the service, people such as family or friends of the parents that might not want to sign up for the service. To do this we give every Ordering Run its own unique url in the system. That is show at the bottom of the editor – share that with people to allow for anonymous orders. If an existing parent uses the link, they’ll be directed to log in as normal.

To enable the use of the direct pay link, enter a passcode such as ‘oranges’ or ‘myschool’, and include that for people to use with the direct pay link.

Convenience Fee

Extra Data Items

Here you can type in additional information that you need to request from parents. This might be for an after school activity or weekend event that you are hosting. Parents will not be able to place an order until the information that you have requested has been filled in. To use, add data items in the text box separated by a ;

How to add an image to an ordering run message

To add an image to an ordering run message, we must upload it into myFoodDays then add a pointer to it in the message:


  1. From Admin, choose the menu Website Design / Media Manager
  2. Upload the image using the upload button or drag the image to the upload box
  3. Get the link to the message by clicking the ‘get link’ button and copying the URL to your clipboard:



Add the link to your message:

  1. Return to the message in the ordering run
  2. Position the cursor where you’d like the image to appear and choose Insert / Insert/edit Image as shown:

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