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Managing Money

Payments can be found from Admin – Manage – Payments.

FoodDays Manage Menu

In myFoodDays, parents make payments to their myFoodDays account. As they place orders, their balance is shown in red to indicate that they do not have enough money in their account to cover the orders they’ve placed and, they run the risk of loosing those orders.

As the parents make payments, often just after ordering, their balance is refreshed and they will see that they no longer need to pay any further.

This model allows for parent that wish to pay once for multiple children or pre-pay for lunches.


As parents place orders and make payments, their balance will be displayed on the Payments page.

FoodDays Payments Parent Balances

Each parent’s balance comprises:

  • Orders – the amount of any orders in the system that haven’t been paid for
  • Credit – Any unused credits or debits levied on that parent
  • Cash – Any unused cash or checks that have been received by you
  • OLP – Any unused cleared payments made online via credit, debit or PayPal
    • Note: uncleared PayPal eChecks will not show until cleared

How to read the information

Green is Paid, Red is Outstanding 

The snapshot of parent balances is shown at the bottom, by default, those parents with the largest negative balances are shown first. Changing the display order can show you all parents and their balances.

Changes from previous versions of myFoodDays

Previous versions of myFoodDays revolved around settling payments for specific ordering runs. This is no longer applicable – payments received are applied to the parents balance regardless of when they are received, they are always applied to the oldest open orders first.

Managing parents payments & receiving checks

FoodDays Payments Enter Cheques and Cash Payments

As parents pay on credit, debit, PayPal, their balances will turn green and, you will, at any time, be able to draw down on that.

If you receive cash or a check from a parent, you can enter it at the top of the screen. Select the parent, enter the amount, any fee that you wish to charge for processing, a reference number if desired and click Apply. The amount less any fee, will be credited to the parent.

Following up on late payments

The system will send out reminders to parents to let them know that they have an open balance when the close date is approaching.

Cancelling orders and Parents’ Transaction log

Orders for individual parents can be cancelled from the Payments page – expand the parents Balance to see both the complete transaction log for the parent and the options available for deleting future orders.

Note that the transaction details shown to the administrator includes far more depth than the parent receives, for example it includes internal transfers of funds from Online to school and parent to school. If discussing balance with a parent, ask them to check “Show details” to see the same view as you.


FoodDays Payments Drawdowns options

Draw-downs are the new way to transfer the online payments received for your orders to your account.

Draw-downs can be called for at any time. One draw-down per 28 days is free, additional draw downs incur the processing fee shown on your account home page.

 1 For example, a fee for a returned check, a late fee, etc. This amount will be credited to you not the parent.

To draw down funds, visit Admin, Manage Payments, choose the Draw down options and history view and check ‘Draw down available funds tonight’. That night, the system will calculate the available funds and instigate the process of issuing a check or wiring funds to your organisation. The following day you will receive an email with the details and be able to see that same in the draw-down history list on the Payments page.

When to draw-down funds

We recommend drawing down on funds on a monthly basis. If this is desired, we can execute that each month for you automatically. Care should be taken when drawing down on funds if multiple ordering runs are open so as to ensure that funds are only drawn down when all monies are expected in – that way, one large payment is made rather than many smaller payments that may attract a processing fee. See the options in Admin/Home to enable automatic monthly draw down.

Draw-down history

The draw-down history can be seen on the Payments page. The information includes the total of the orders that were processed, any orders that were skipped over due to insufficient parent funds and a breakdown of the fees.

What about old orders?

Any unpaid order in the system is available to be drawn down from regardless of if it is a long overdue order or a change to a future order. Whenever you call for a draw-down, the system scans every parent for any and all orders in the system. This ensures that, any changes, even to past orders are captured.

A note for multi-school organisations 

When looking at available funds, the payments page comprises orders from all schools in your organisation, it is not limited to one school.

Changes from previous versions of myFoodDays

Previous versions of myFoodDays would instigate an automatic “Close Out” that would result in a payment being made. Going forward, administrators will need to request a draw-down when convenient. Care should be taken when drawing down on funds if multiple ordering runs are open to ensure that draw-downs are made when all orders are in.

Credits Issued

FoodDays Payments Credits that have been issued

Here is where you can see credits that have been issued to parents and the date they were given.

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