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Items – Foods and Things

Items can be found from Admin – Set up – Items.

FoodDays Setup

Now that you’ve added some Themes, you can create Food Items or Non Food Items for those Themes.

The items that exist under a theme will all be included when you add the parent theme to the ordering run.

To begin, add a Name, choose the Theme it is associated with and click [insert new item].

FoodDays Add Item

Items can belong to multiple Themes and you can check those off in each Item under Theme.

Items can be a Cart Item – this would be used for things like SpiritWear items that parents may want to order multiple sizes of the same item.

You can also edit and delete existing items in Items by clicking on the ‘edit’ to edit or ‘del’ to delete. If an Item has orders on it then it is better to leave it as is and create a new Item to avoid confusion. Only change an item if it has truly changed, i.e. a Hot Dog now includes organically certified ingredients, never change a Hot Dog into a Cheeseburger – that will cause confusion!

FoodDays Item Set Up

To add more detailed information click on edit next to the Item. For each Item you will choose whether it is a ‘Food Item’ (the default) or a ‘Sale Item, Spirit wear, Donation, Tickets, etc’. You can enter the price that you buy it in and the price that you sell it for. In the case of Pizza, you can also enter the price of each whole pizza and the number of slices or ‘Number of units per whole’ that way myFoodDays will tell you how many pizza’s to buy rather than slices. Add Nutritional information here to show on the menu. You can also add photos of the foods/items.

Display Order – You can choose the order in which Items are displayed. Go to Items, click on ‘edit’ next to the Item and then from the Display order drop down choose the number you would like that particular Item displayed. If you already have a run open, run the ‘Update existing Orders’ by clicking on ‘Update current run with new settings’.

Update existing Orders

To maintain the integrity of orders in the system, existing orders will contain the Item information when they were first ordered by the parents. If you make a change to the Items and you want to update the contents of the parents’ orders, you will need to run the ‘Update existing orders’. Choose the Ordering Run to be updated and then click on ‘Update current run with new settings’. When you have run the Update it will change all orders that have currently been ordered. ** Please note, updates will not change the price paid by a parent, only the buy price information, name, description, etc.

Adding a ‘Contingent Food’ item to a Theme

Sometimes you need to add an item to the menu that is not a food in its own right but, an addition to an existing item.

For example, your Pizza offering may be a slice of pizza with drink and a snack. Parents that would like to order an extra slice would need to order two of everything. Not ideal.

Typically, PTOs have added a second food “Extra slice of Pizza” to the menu, priced accordingly, but inevitably, parents have ordered that alone.

Contingent foods allow you to add a ‘Parent’ to a food that must be ordered first to allow this item to be ordered.

The contingent foods option allows multiple selections of parent foods so that you can specify any number of other foods, one of which must be purchased to be eligible to buy this item.

Adding an Exclusive Group

If you would like to prevent parents ordering more than one item from a Theme you can put in an Exclusive group. For example: In each of the Foods associated with the Bagel Theme, you can type the word Bagels into the Exclusive group box and click Save, then parents will only be able to choose one type of bagel from that Theme.

Advanced Quantity Controls

On Items you can control the quantity in detail:

Min – This is the minimum quantity to be ordered

Max – This is the maximum quantity allowed to be ordered by the parent  

Total quantity – Is the total quantity that you have to sell. The system will stop parents ordering once this number is reached.

Enforce Min – Here you can enforce that minimum quantity. You might set PTO Membership to 1 to ensure parents join, they will not be able to set the value to zero if you “Enforce Min’.

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