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How a Parent Orders and Pays

When a parent first logs into their account, they will be brought to their Account Homepage, here they will see the option to ‘Order for…’ and possibly Review older orders if they are any.

FoodDays Parents Orders Page

On this page is the Tools box where they can add children, print or download orders to their calendar. Also on this page is the Payment tab and the Settings tab.

The Payment tab takes them to the Payment page to pay and review past payments in the Payment history.

FoodDays Parents Payment Page

In the Settings tab they can change homeroom/grade/school of their children, they can delete children no longer in the school, change email address, change phone number, change password, set their email preferences and if enabled for their school sign up to volunteer, and add their details to the directory.

FoodDays Parents Settings Page

For a parent to order they will be on the Account homepage and click on ‘Order for…’ this will take them to the Ordering page.

Once here they can place an order for the items available by choosing the item and the quantity. Once they have finished ordering they click ‘Done’ and they will then be asked what they would like to do next… Order for another child, No more orders, go to Payments or Return to children/orders.

FoodDays Parents Order Items Page

If they go to Payments they will see a review of their order and the payments that are due. They can choose to either pay by PayPal, credit or debit card. Parents will follow the instructions on the page to complete their payment. Once the Payment is completed a confirmation email will be sent to the parent.

FoodDays Parents To Pay Page

FoodDays Parents Option To Pay Page

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