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Credits and Debits

FoodDays Credit one childCredits can be found from Admin – Manage – Credits.

Credits and debits operate in the form of discount on the next order. Credits are assigned to the child for whom the order was originally placed but are owned by the parent. When a Parent orders for the next Ordering Run the parent’s balance will reflect the credit. Credits cannot be exchanged for cash or moved to another Organisation but can be used at any school in your Organisation.

Issuing credits

FoodDays Credit all children on a dayChoose whether it is for ‘An individual child’ or ‘For all the children on a food day’ (this may be due to a snow day), ‘For all the children on a food day’ there are two options, either Give everyone a credit or Remove the orders and leave a positive balance. In either option the Credits can be given by Theme, By Food, By Homeroom/Grade, By percentage. Follow the instructions on the page and once you click ‘Apply credit’, parents will be notified that they have a credit for use the next time they order.

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