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Committees can be found from Admin – PTO Tools – Committees.

FoodDays PTO Tools

Committees are where you can manage your Group committees. For each committee you can name and describe the work of the committee. You can also solicit Parent signup directly by ‘Activating’ the committee – the parents can then sign up directly.

FoodDays Committee set up

To create and add committees

  • First add the name and then click Insert
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the committee and add more information.
  • Add the positions that are available to volunteer for, for example, Chair,Co-Chair. General ‘Volunteers’ are included by default so no need to add them as an option.
  • Add a description of the committee.
  • Assign Volunteers to the positions. Choose volunteers from the Parent Pool (All parents in the school) to add manually or, from the General Volunteer Pool (Parents that have Volunteered) and assign them to the appropriate position.
  • Click Save when you are finished. You can go back in at anytime to make changes and updates, always remembering to click Save afterwards.

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